Free gardener dwarf

...on the beehive
lovingly handmade & hand-painted
Height approx. 22cm, artificial stone

CHF 69,-

Der raue Stein
Rauer Stein
Blume des Lebens
Arbeitstafel Freimaurer

Rough stone

Big Brother
Handcrafted from sandstone
20 x 20 x 20 cm (about 25kg)
With a real gold-plated jewel of your box or on request

CHF 299.00

Rough stone

Little brother
Handcrafted from  Sandstone / limestone
10 x 10  x 10  cm (about 4kg)
With a real gold-plated jewel of your box or on request

CHF 139.00


Elaborately handcrafted from sandstone  D = 50cm
(The location must be specified when ordering)
With a real gold-plated jewel of your box or on request

CHF 5999, -

flower of Life

Tealight holder
Handcrafted from sandstone
D = 30cm, hand-engraved
Especially with candles in chakra colors

CHF 349.00

Freemasons - worktable 

From the joint work with Jens Rusch, das  A3 - Original relief in sandstone. This relief served as a casting template for the aluminum plates that are now being delivered to the respective lodges.
A unique object that wrote Masonic history.

CHF 6000,-

portrait bust

Stylish and timeless...
Would you like to be immortalized in bronze or marble? I am happy to create a 1:1 image for breathtaking moments.
This time-consuming process starts with the creation of photographs, based on which a clay model can be plastinated. After completion of the model, different variants can arise.
Variant 1 - bronze cast
Variant 2 - marble bust
Price to complete the clay model
(Duration approx. 4 weeks,  
  50% deposit, 50% upon acceptance)

CHF 20000,-

The creation of the bronze cast varies due to the foundries.
The surcharge on the clay model is between 3500 and 5000 CHF.
To create the marble bust, you can expect a surcharge of around CHF 20,000 on the clay model.

Order process

All emails are personal from me  answered,  people still work here  no shopping cart gnomes.

So, just write me an email or give me a call.

I am also happy to implement your own ideas or subjects, the exchange is very important to me. 

I only manufacture for customers I don't know personally  against prepayment.

Payment plans are possible. (Right of ownership applies until full payment has been made)


Small sway
Delivery times: 
Since these are handmade objects, there must be a production time for the objects  get noticed.

This can fluctuate.  


There  the weights of the objects can vary depending on the type of stone  Freight costs fluctuate.   

Natural materials:

I only use natural materials, they can vary in shape and color.